Friday, June 6, 2008

love3. Making Great Jewelry

I started jewelry making a long time ago, but never did much with it. Then about three years ago I really got started making all sorts of great jewelry. Since then, I have come a long way and learned a ton, absolutely a ton. Now I am working on sharing that information on a wide range of sites. One such site is Squidoo where I recently wrote the lens: "Make Awesome Necklaces Quickly and Easily".

There is really so much that you can do with with a few jewelry making supplies. It can be fun and of course, provide lots of great items to wear, give, and even sell.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Love My Job

Most would argue that I don't really have a job. I work online from home. I can do it any time I please and even skip it when I don't "feel like it". It doesn't make a full time amount of money yet (last month I made $336). However, I view it as my small business. The harder I work the better it is. I make money doing all sorts of things and in the end, I hope that it makes all our dreams come true. I blog, write a huge number of articles, do sponsored posts, and even a few crazy odds and ends. All in all, I am hoping to watch it grow by $50 a month each and every month. Or rather $50 from my goal...

I was hoping for:
$250 in May
$300 in June
$350 in July
$400 in August
$450 in September
$500 in October
and so on. With this hope I would be making August 2009. It would be better if I was making more then that before that, but I try to be realistic. I don't want to fall flat on my face.

Of course I made more then $300 last month. This means that this month I just need to make as much as last month...

Of course...the point was that I love my job. I love writing, blogging, and making money doing the things that I enjoy doing!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thinking Backward and Forward

Thinking back in time makes me feel just amazed that it is almost June. It seems just yesterday that Thanksgiving was approaching and with it Black Friday sales. No matter how you look at it Black Friday sales can make a huge impact on saving for your Christmas holiday season. Of course, I am just not one who likes the bustle and hustle the stores offer on Black Friday and with that, I love the Internet. The black friday website makes it easy to find great deals on the Internet. You can use it to find all of your favorite products and to shop at all of your favorite stores. The big catch, you don't have to fight mad amounts of traffic or other crazy shoppers to make it happen. It can make your Black Friday shopping much more enjoyable. Plus you can get up early in the morning and do it in your jammies! This is one of those things that is just a lot better then the alternative and has made my Black Friday much more enjoyable. For example you can us the Black Friday site for great deals at Best Buy. It is much better then standing in line at five am hoping to get there quick enough to get what you want. Rushing back to the stand with all the great stuff. Reaching out to grab it only to be shoved over by some other holiday shopper. Well, this doesn't have to be my reality anymore.

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The Cries of Terror

My mom finally got her disability. It has actually been awhile and I forgot to tell you. Now she is visiting my grandma in Florida and we have actually had an entire week with out house to ourselves. In addition to that, we will have an entire week more then this past one before she comes back. She decided that she wanted to live in Florida. So, she got an apartment. Then she found out that she misunderstood how much money she will be getting. In fact, she will be getting about half of what we thought she was getting. What all this means is that she signed a lease for an apartment on Tuesday that is three dollars more a month then her entire income. I am not sure how that is going to work out and it has me freaking out.

She will be getting just over six hundred dollars a month. There is no way that she can live off it, at least that we can figure out. This means that life isn't going to be easy and things are going to get pretty bad here. For us, things will be a little better. My husband is planning on charging her rent and then putting that toward the house we want to buy in December. Then we would have to buy a bigger house then we planned so she could live with us until she found a solution. All the while her money would help us pay for the house faster. On the financial side, this could be helpful. On the other side, it means living with her much longer!

We are also planning on assigning her chores so she is helping out around the house. Since she doesn't do this, it seems like a good idea. I wish she were moving out, but at least Peter and I had some time to figure out how to keep our apartment/house/home while she is living in it now. We can't continue to live here with her ruling the coop.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Outdoor Lifestyle

There are a huge number of things that we can all do for an outdoor and active lifestyle. They can include things like hiking, biking, camping, rock climbing, hunting, and paint balling. All of these things require that you be prepared for what may come about. One great way to do that is with the proper clothing. 5.11 Tactical clothing items can be the perfect thing for an outdoor lifestyle. With very durably designs they can handle the rough outdoors. They are also designed in a way that they have a place to carry the items you want with you will still being durable and ready for whatever comes your way. If you are looking to get outdoors and do something this summer, this is a great place to check out.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Living with Mom

Living with my mom has never been an easy thing to do. When I lived with her in High School we fought every day. Same with my first year of college where I went to the local community college. However, I must say that moving out felt wonderful. I lived with her for five months after two years away from home. It was horrible, but I worked hard not to fight with her and then I married and moved out once again. After a year and a half she moved in with us. Things have been horrible for me and my husband. But I have worked hard to try and keep the peace. In other words I have done a lot of fighting with my husband because I don't want to spend every day fighting with my mom. This has been horrible for my relationship with my husband. A years worth of living with my mom, having my husband feel beaten down because he is not man of the house (my mom works very hard to be in charge), and having our son sleep in our walk in closet has been very hard. I have only fought with my mom three times in that year.

One time was the other day. But in reality I lost. She got what she wanted and was happy. I told her a touch of how I feel and it really doesn't matter. We woke up the next day and she was cheerful and acted as if nothing had happened. That was the end of it. Just like that and it is over. No apologies, no "how can we fix this?", nothing. I just don't know how much longer my husband and I can handle this.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Make More Friends

The Internet offers a whole world of new friends, new support systems, and networking opportunities. It isn't hard to find a whole new world right here on the World Wide Web. One new site that has a lot to offer in the ways of friend making, support, and networking is 3gb. This site is easy to use, has a lot to offer, and is growing. join 3gb community This site is growing with very good people who have a lot to say. Here you can network and make friends.